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About Cynde Christie

As far back as I can remember, I was creating something…art, food, mud pies, whatever. I just had to make something that I thought was beautiful out of whatever was around me. In my life I have delved into various forms of art, mosaic, weaving, culinary and watercolors.

More than any other of my artist expressions, watercolors capture my thirst for creating colors and textures in a way that permits me to translate the beauty and wonder that I see in everyday life. I love colors. Mixing them myself, discovering new colors that I have never seen, that I have just created, is an amazing experience. A dream come true for a creative soul like me.

I have had the good fortune to travel world wide and the colors that abound on this planet of ours are breathtaking. I enjoy bringing those colors home with my palette and brushes, which I am never without. No matter where I roam, the beautiful sunsets, adobes and landscapes of Santa Fe, my home, steals my heart every time.

Cynde Christie

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