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Watercolors by Cynde Christie

Bring beauty to your home, office or public space with original watercolor paintings by Santa Fe artist Cynde Christie.

Yucca watercolor by Cynde Christie

Beautiful Images

Buy original watercolor paintings.  Colorful floral, landscape, architectural and abstract themes inspired by Cynde’s home in Santa Fe as well as extensive travels throughout  the American Southwest, Latin America and Europe.

About The Artist

More than any other of my artist expressions, watercolors capture my thirst for creating colors and textures in a way that permits me to translate the beauty and wonder that I see in everyday life. I love colors. Mixing them myself, discovering new colors that I have never seen, that I have just created, is an  amazing experience.  A dream come true for a creative soul like me.

Street Caribbean watercolor by Cynde Christie

Recent Work

Old Santa Fe

Downtown Santa Fe feeds my painter's imagination with its four hundred plus years old buildings surrounding the historic plaza and still in use today. They are just as beautiful as when they were new, maybe even more so, as I love the look of the brick peeking out of...